My Child ID Helps to Keep Grandkids, Medical & ID Info at Your Fingertips!


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Many grandparents provide child care for their grandchildren, whether they are occasional babysitters or provide regular care for working parents. In fact, a recent study showed 72% take care of their grandchildren on a regular basis. This means it?s even more important for grandparents to be up-to-speed with the grandkids? medical and identification data so they can provide law enforcement and medical responders with the most recent, up-to-date information quickly in the event of an emergency.

Grandparents don’t always have the luxury of knowing the “ins” and “outs” about their grandkids’ medical and identification history. Unfortunately, this puts them at a disadvantage because so many of them spend a significant amount of time care giving and need to act fast when faced with an emergency.

My Child ID from is the first comprehensive device that stores and encrypts vital child identification data to help in missing person cases and medical emergencies, helping grandparents stay proactive when it comes to safeguarding their grandchildren.

In the form of a key chain, or available as a simple download to the computer, My Child ID stores and organizes your grandchildren?s vital information so you and emergency responders can have key info instantly. Unlike a typical USB device or computer document, My Child ID is secured using SHA 1 encryption, designed by the National Security Agency (NSA). It also features Private Alerting and Geo-Analytics to allow families to develop a list of trusted contacts that can be texted or emailed at a moment?s notice.

Information stored includes:

  • Vital stats (Height, weight, eye and hair color, etc.)
  • Previous medical conditions
  • Family history
  • Blood types (Cross matches for entire family)
  • Allergies / medications
  • Pharmacy information
  • Important contacts and more

Now grandparents can have peace of mind when they spend time with their grandchildren, prepared for any emergency with the help of!

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